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Villa C Boutique Hotel

Vila do Conde, Portugal

Located on the south bank of the Ave River just 2 minutes from the center of Vila do Condo, this stylish boutique hotel caters for tourists and business travelers in 41 stylish and comfortable rooms.

Anglepoise Lamps at Villa C Hotel Portugal

With a restaurant, a bar, spa and gym all on the spot and the delights of the northern shores of Portugal to explore, it’s unsurprising that Villa C frequently welcomes repeat visitors. All the guest rooms and suites boast balconies with magnificent views over the river, the grey-blue toned vista perfectly reflected in the rooms’ muted interior colour palette. Anglepoise Original 1227 Mini desk and floor lights in Dove Grey further enhance the colour spectrum and provide focused light at bedside and seating areas.

Anglepoise Lamps at Villa C Hotel Portugal

Anglepoise Lamps at Villa C Hotel Portugal

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