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From little acorns do mighty oaks grow

All things start with a beginning; whether it's a person, plant, business or building, foundations are what will make it strong. For a plant it would be the location, environment and nourishment from the soil; for a building it would be the depth, material and quality of the foundations. 

For Anglepoise, our ethos and core values provide the stablest of bases to build upon. These values are the intangible things that are inherent and fundamental about us as individuals, and they form the core of the culture of Anglepoise the business. Values are what help us to make decisions and decide on what is the right thing to do; the strong foundations that we must build from and then act upon in everything we do. They are what we live and breathe, what defines us and how we see the world.

When you think about your personal values, consider what is critical to you. Your actions will be based upon your personal values, and in the same way we believe as a business they form the bedrock of all that we do. That is why our values are integrated into everything we do, from recruitment to personal development; product development to marketing as well as the overall culture and DNA of Anglepoise is defined by them. 


The Importance of Balance in Life and Business is a handbook by our Joint MD, John Purnell. It's a culmination of his own experiences and also underpins Anglepoise's culture and way of working. 

For a copy of the book, email [email protected] with a name and address and we'll send you a copy. 

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