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Where are Anglepoise lamps made?

We design all our products in the UK, at Anglepoise we choose to manufacture our products where most appropriate to do so. The majority of our standard collections are manufactured to our exact specifications in carefully selected factories in China, where we adopt a hands on approach to product development and quality control. In the case of our Giant Collections all components are sourced or manufactured as locally as possible in the UK and each lamp is built by hand in Portsmouth.

Whether you need help assembling your lamp or  adjusting your springs, our instruction manuals cover all the basics. You can find instruction manuals here.

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In the unlikely event of needing a spare or replacement part for your Anglepoise® lamp, please get in touch with us here. It'd really help if you could attach a photo of your lamp and/or the parts you require (e.g. Springs, Grub Screw, Linkage Bar).

We can only assist you if your lamp falls under one of the below collections. To find out whether your lamp belongs to one of these collections, you can either check our collections page, check inside the shade of the lamp, check the packaging, or visit our 'how to date your Anglepoise®' guide. In most cases, the lamp will have our logo on it (please see the top of our website).

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We design all our products in the UK, at Anglepoise we choose to manufacture our products where most appropriate to do so. The majority of our standard collections are manufactured to our exact specifications in carefully selected factories in China, where we adopt a hands on approach to product development and quality control. In the case of our Giant Collections all components are sourced or manufactured as locally as possible in the UK and each lamp is built by hand in Portsmouth. Read more

Deciding which bulbs to purchase for your Anglepoise can be a little confusing as bulb manufacturers do not specify the weight of bulbs on their boxes. We therefore suggest a pragmatic approach which is to take the bulb that is not working into your local supermarket or hardware store, and weigh the bulb you are planning to buy against your existing bulb. All bulbs supplied with a product are designed to be the correct weight to allow your product to balance properly.

Lamps purchased in the UK or Europe require either an E14 or E27 lightbulb. You can refer to the label inside the shade for bulb information.

For our Giant lamps, please refer to the technical sheet if you require more information. 

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All Anglepoise lamps are designed and tested as Class II or double insulated electrical appliances, which means they have been designed in such a way that they do not require a safety connection to electrical earth (ground).

The basic legal requirement is that no single failure can result in dangerous voltage becoming exposed so that it might cause an electric shock and that this is achieved without relying on an earthed metal casing. This is achieved by having two layers of insulating material surrounding live parts or by using reinforced insulation. Hence the outer material can be metal as the risk of becoming live is negligible (many household products are similar).

All Anglepoise lamps bear the double insulation symbol (a square inside another square).

References: Directive 2006/95/EC - Harmonisation of the laws of Member States relating to electrical equipment designed for use within certain voltage limits; IEC 61140: Protection against electric shock — Common aspects for installation and equipment. 2001; BS 2754 : 1976 (1999): Memorandum. Construction of electrical equipment for protection against electric shock.

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UK Orders

Free delivery is standard and your order will arrive within 3 working days for UK online orders. (A working day is classed as Mon-Fri, Excluding Bank Holidays).

Orders placed after 2pm on Fridays and over the weekend will be processed on the following Monday. Deliveries are made on weekdays so you must provide a weekday contact mobile numbe, and delivery address where the package can be signed for.

Please note that orders for Giant lamps can take up to 10 weeks for delivery, as they are built to order.

USA Orders

Free delivery is available for all orders to continental USA under $1,000. For orders over $1,000, shipping will be calculated based on location.

Orders will usually ship within 3-4 working days.

Please note that orders for Giant lamps can take up to 12 weeks for delivery, as they are built to order in the UK.

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Our products are easy to assemble, if they are not already shipped fully assembled. In most cases the base is shipped seperately to avoid damage to the product in transit. They can usually be simply attached to the product using the grub screw and allen key provided.

Please see the detailed instructions provided in the box on how to assemble the product. Alternatively you can find all our instruction manuals here

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Yes, your product comes with a 2 year warranty as standard. However if you register your product with us here you will receive a 5 year warranty from your date of purchase. You can register your product here.

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We can only provide you with a refund for products purchased from We cannot provide refunds for products purchased from another retailer - you will have to contact them directly.

Faulty Items

If the product you purchased from or other retailers is faulty or has issues, please contact us. Returns

If you need to return your purchase for whatever reason, please follow our free and simple returns process below. Please note that the item(s) need to be returned in original condition and packaging.

  1. Please return within 30 days of purchase. 
  2. Mark the appropriate reason code on your delivery note (included with each item). 
  3. Follow the 3 steps on the red DPD Returns Slip. Please ensure your order number is entered on to the label. 

Your refund will be processed within 14 days of receiving your returned item. If you need any additional assistance, please contact us.

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You can register for the latest news and launches as a press person here

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You can view each product's 2D/3D models here.

We are always adding 3D formats to each product, and currently include STEP, SAT and DXF files for all collections.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

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Please contact Kathryn Dighton who handles all our press requests at [email protected] or you can get further contact information here.

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We accept payments through PayPal or all major credit and debit card types. Read more
We currently only ship to the UK and USA. Read more

We have a growing network of stockists around the world. You can find your nearest stockist here.

Please note that stockists or retailers may stock limited ranges and may not have the product you are interested in seeing. We therefore suggest you contact the stockist first to ensure that they have the product in available before making your way there.

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We are continually striving to develop and improve our systems and processes. To help us on our journey, we have joined a number of organisations to help us. We've included some of our key partners below.

Be Original

Be Original

Be Original Americas is a 501(c)6 non-profit committed to informing, educating and influencing manufacturers, design professionals and individuals on the economic, ethical, and environmental value of authentic design while preserving and investing in its future.

Time to Change

Time to Change

Time to Change is a mental health campaign in England, launched in 2007 with the objective of reducing mental health-related stigma and discrimination.

Engage for Success

Engage for Success

A growing, dynamic, voluntary movement promoting employee engagement as a better way to work that benefits individual employees, teams, and whole organisations. 



ACID is the UK’s leading design and intellectual property campaigning organisation. 


British Quality Foundation

The British Quality Foundation are committed to helping organisations like ours learn from best practice, improve our performance and achieve, not just excellence, but sustainable excellence. This focuses on the EFQM Excellence Model.


Lighting Industry Association

The Lighting Industry Association’s mission is to strengthen the industry and promote the benefits of good quality lighting by representing all aspects of UK, EU and international legislation and standards at the highest level whilst protecting the interests of both the public and members.

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We've put together several visuals breaking down the main components of two of our most iconic products - the Type 75™ and Original 1227™. The below components also apply to the 'Mini' variations of these collections. Whether it's springs, grub screws or linkage bars, our diagram should cover the main parts.

If you have have a question about a specific component, please quote the part name when contacting us.

Original 1227™ Desk Lamp

Anglepoise Original 1227 Desk Lamp

Type 75™ Desk Lamp

Anglepoise Type 75 Desk Lamp

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A page to help you identify your vintage Anglepoise® lamp.

Vintage Anglepoise Lamp

Prototype (1932)

- Features a tall casted base painted black
- Two thin steel strips for side arms
- Other arms made of aluminium.
- Simple springs, without any cap detailing


Vintage Anglepoise Lamp

Model 1208 (1933)

- Has a short casted base
- On many of these the side arms are made of tubing rather than a thin metal strip.
- The metal used on the arms ranged from Brass, steel to aluminium depending on the availability of the metal at the time.
- The shade is slightly larger than the prototype.


Vintage Anglepoise Lamp

Model 1227 (1935) 

- Features a solid three tiered base that was painted.
- The fork is separated into different components and the centre block was often chrome plated.
- The fork block says ‘The Anglepoise – Made by Herbert Terry & Sons’ on the front
- There is an earthing point on the back of the fork block.
- Two spring bars were used, the one for the centre spring being higher. They could also be adjusted with the different holes in the sides of the fork, to change the spring tension.
- The arms tended to be made of steel and were quite a sharp square section in profile.
- There was an adjuster knob half way up the back arms.
- The shade has quite a thin profile with two distinct shapes to it. There are perforated holes in the side of the top of the shade for cooling, and also on top of the shade next to the Crabtree switch.


Vintage Anglepoise Lamp

Model 1227 (1938)
- Has a two tier base, with a steel cover.
- The forks were mainly casted as a whole component with ‘The Anglepoise
- Made by Herbert Terry & Sons’ casted into the fork.
- The springs often had metal caps added so that the spring length could be adjusted changing the spring tension.
- Slightly later models moved from steel linkage strips and spacers at the bottom to nylon ones.
- The shade become wider without any air vents on the side but larger ones on the top of the shade. Earlier models had the shade rolled outwards at the bottom of the shade, whereas later models were often without this rolled edge.

Vintage Anglepoise Lamp

Model 75 (1968)
- A round base that has a relatively small footprint.
- The fork has a more rounded profile.
- The oval recess built into the fork will say ‘Anglepoise’.
- Spring caps were still often used for extra adjustability.
- Nylon components used throughout the linkage strip area.
- The side arms would have used a tube construction.
- The swivel joint into the shade would have an all-metal construction.
- The distinctive fluted shade was without a rolled edge, and was painted white inside.
- The top of the shade had a removable top, to enable maintaining the product and included a rocker switch.


Vintage Anglepoise Lamp

Model 90 (1973)
- The base continued to have a small footprint, with a steel cover.
- The fork uses a bent steel strip and is held in place at the pivot point by a nut and bolt.
- Springs are without metal caps.
- Linkage strip is nylon.
- The back arm has a small nylon section at the top to fit into the centre joint.
- Side arms will have been made of a steel metal strip.
- The swivel joint at the top has a nylon section in the middle.
- The fluted shade has a push button switch at the top.


Vintage Anglepoise Lamp

Apex 90 (1985)
- Has a relatively low profile base with a bigger footprint and a steel cover.
- The fork is offset and is made from a bent metal strip.
- Springs were often painted black.
- At the junction between the fork and the side arms a plastic adjuster wheel was used on each side.
- The tube has quite a large, square profile, and is slotted into the different plastic jointing components.
- Centre joint encloses the cable, and is held in place by a screw.
- The fluted shade was painted white inside.
- Push button switch on the top of the shade is held in place by a smooth metal nut.  


Vintage Anglepoise Lamp

Type 3 (2003)
- A solid steel 3 tier base was chrome plated.
- The die cast zinc fork had a vertical recessed lozenge for the logo plate in the front.
- The springs had specially designed adjuster caps to maximise the spring tension.
- All linkage strips are made of metal, and are held together throughout by some Hex nuts and bolts.
- All the arms are made from brass, polished and then chrome plated.
- The adjuster knobs are machined out of steel, plated and have the addition of an o ring for grip.
- The top arm has a special swaged detail where it changes from a square to a round section where it meets the bride.
- The bridle has a solid stainless steel section so it remains rigid.
- The aluminium shade has a smoothed double profile section with oval vents at the top and lozenge shaped vents at the top for extra cooling and is chrome plated.
- There is a round black rocker switch on top of the shade.
- There is also an inner reflector made of aluminium.

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Prior to cleaning or maintenance, always switch off and disconnect the lamp from the electricity supply and allow the shade to cool.

Clean the lamp with a soft dry cloth only. Do not use polishing agents, water or abrasive materials when cleaning.

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Repairs and the replacement of damaged cables or electrical parts should only be carried out by a qualified electrician, an authorised distributor or by Anglepoise.

Your product should only be used in a dry indoor environment (except for the Original 1227™ Giant Outdoor collection).

It is essential that any replacement bulb does not exceed the maximum wattage indicated inside the shade.

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You can view technical files here.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

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If you purchased your 90 Mini Mini lamp in the UK, it is supplied with a USB A to USB Micro B cable and mains adapter plug that can be plugged in to the wall.

If you purchased your 90 Mini Mini lamp in the US, it is supplied with a USB A to USB Micro B cable. The adapter plug is not included.

You can use third party USB A adapter plugs to power the lamp, as well as USB A power sources such as portable batteries and laptops.

The lamp has a USB Micro B input socket on the base.

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Information about our shipping and returns process.

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