Anglepoise® + Margaret Howell Collection launch

Margaret Howell did Anglepoise® proud at the official launch of the Anglepoise® + Margaret Howell Collection at their flagship Place de la Madeleine shop in Paris, staged as part of Paris Design Week. The new Seagrass and Saxon Blue colors chosen by the designer for the Type 75™ Anglepoise® desk lamp, complement the existing Yellow Ochre Edition to create a stunning 3-piece Anglepoise® + Margaret Howell Collection.

The New Anglepoise® + Margaret Howell Collection

Continuing a successful and longstanding relationship, Anglepoise® and Margaret Howell are delighted to announce the September launch of two additional exclusive colours for the Type 75™ Anglepoise® desk lamp. The new colours chosen for the collection - Saxon Blue and Seagrass - complement the existing Yellow Ochre lamp.

Anglepoise® Launches Stunning New Indoor & Outdoor Giant Lamps

In 2005, when the Roald Dahl Museum & Story Centre commissioned a triple scale version of the iconic 1930’s Anglepoise® desk light as a humorous reference to the beloved Anglepoise® used by Dahl in his writing hut, (scaled to size of the popular Dahl character, the BFG or Big Friendly Giant), no one thought of where this might lead. Yet within a year, due to overwhelming demand, the Original 1227™ Giant floor lamp and pendant became a staple of the Anglepoise® range