Why You Should Spend More Time Thinking About Home Office Lighting

Not everyone gives a lot of thought to their lighting choices. They might settle for the fixtures present when they first moved into their home or quickly choose some new cheap lighting at random. Giving a little bit more thought to your lighting makes a big difference and If you're planning the lights for your home office, your choices could affect how well you are able to work.

There are a range of options to choose from for your home office lighting and what you select can set the tone for your productivity and creativity. If you're about to make some quick choices for your home office, consider these reasons to think about it a little more first.

Lighting Gets You in the Right Mood

Lighting can affect your mood in a number of ways. Too little light can make you feel sluggish or even depressed - not exactly the right working environment! Too much light can strain your eyes, leading to tiredness, or perhaps leave you feeling distracted. It’s a hard balance to crack.

If you manage to get the elements of lighting in your home office right, you’ll improve your productivity and focus. Think about how much natural light the room gets, the types of tasks you’ll be completing in your office and how you need to feel when working. Spend a bit more time thinking about what sort of lighting is going to help you get to work as soon as possible and do the best work you can.

Lighting Can Affect Your Work

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The home office lighting you choose could also affect the quality of your work. Of course, being in the right frame of mind is one element of working well. However, on a practical level, the office lighting you select might also change the results you achieve. This is particularly true if you're doing something creative.

For example, you could be editing photos, sewing, drawing, or working on another creative project. Having adequate lighting ensures that you can see what you're doing and get accurate results. Your lighting could affect the colors you see on your computer screen or your ability to see fine detail.

This is where it’s important to consider the suitable task lighting, ceiling lights and even wall lights. Our Type 1228™ desk lamp is a highly efficient work light for working on small details and will introduce a vibrant pop of color into any interior space.

Natural Light Changes

Throughout the Day Choosing just one lighting configuration for your home office could be a big mistake. The natural light available in your office changes as they day goes on. You might have plenty of light in the morning and less in the afternoon.

It depends on which way your office windows face and how you can maximize the light. You should think about how to make up for the loss of natural light before you make your lighting choices and try to utilise working in your office during the best naturally lit hours as this will always encourage productivity.

Everyone Has Different Priorities

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Simply copying some lighting ideas you find might seem like a simple way to work out a home office lighting design. However, it's important to remember that everyone works in different ways. What works for someone else's home office might not be suitable for yours. You need to consider what matters to you as well as your room layout? Where is your desk in comparison to your windows? What will you be using the space for primarily? Your priorities are unique, and so is the space for which you need to choose lighting.


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