A Step-By-Step Guide To Bedroom Lighting

The bedroom as it once was has all but disappeared behind new stylistic choices and design options. In the past, your bedroom would have been primarily for rest and relaxation in the home. Now, it can have a wide range of different functions. You might use it for exercise, work, reading a book or any other number of hobbies. If you ask anyone in the Anglepoise office what features they have in their bedroom, the answers differ completely. These days we’re all far less inclined to follow specific trends. However, you can still design your bedroom to be exactly what you need it to be and you should always start by taking steps to choose the right lighting.


Step One: Who is the bedroom for?

Anglepoise Original 1227 Mini Desk Lamp

While you may be thinking about your own stylistic choices, this isn’t always the way to go. Who is the bedroom for? Is it for a child? Teenager? Potential Guests? The functionality of bedroom lighting is so important to consider. Your teenage daughter is likely to need a desk lamp in her room for homework (try our Original 1227 Mini Desk Lamp) while guests are unlikely to need task lamps when staying for a short time. If you’re planning your own bedroom, go wild with lighting and ensure every task from drying your hair to getting dressed is covered.


Step Two: Need A Theme?

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Yes, you can use bedroom lighting to create a theme or idea that you will base the rest of the design for your room around. An Original 1227 Giant Pendant in a vivid color such as Citrus Yellow could become the focal point of your minimalist room or one in Linen White could seamlessly fit into the clean and simple approach. Alternatively, you may want your bedroom to feel more traditional. If that’s the case, think about how you incorporate other lighting into the bedroom for a more ‘Mr and Mrs’ atmosphere. Our table lamps provide the perfect bedside lighting and again allow you to incorporate your personality with a choice of shade colorways.


Step Three: Using Lighting to Frame the Room

Original 1227 Brass Wall Mounted Lamp

It’s possible to use the bedroom lighting you use to build a layout for your room. You might think that one lamp on each side of the bed is purely for practical purposes. But actually, it also gives the room a little symmetry which can make a space look far more stylish. We naturally find symmetrical things attractive and this idea extends into room designs. You may also want to use a lighting feature as the centerpiece of your room. Or, to highlight a specific object, styling piece or furniture. You can do this by carefully choosing where to position each fixture to get the greatest effect and as always, planning is a key factor to ensure that you’ve got all of the practical elements where you need them.


Step Four: Set the Mood

Original 1227 Wall Light

You can use bedroom lighting to set the mood of the room, rather than just the theme. Do you want your bedroom to feel more intimate? Wall lights are perfect for this because of the way the light bounces off the room - it looks quite similar to the light that you might get from candles. Our classic Original 1227 Wall Light design is the perfect combination of function and form and can be re-positioned with the slightest touch. Each light fixture comes with adjustable shades that focus the light precisely where it’s needed and set the mood for bedtime reading or watching a movie with a loved one.


Step Five: How Much Lighting Do You Want?

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It’s fair to say that the amount of bedroom lighting you use can completely alter the look of a room. For instance, less light can make your room look cosy and compact. Bright, white light will make it seem grander and a beautiful open space. Brightly colored rooms with plenty of warm shades will tend to need less light but you should also take natural light into consideration as well and the effect this will have. Different lighting systems have different functions so it’s important to consider how you use your bedroom. Do you have a workspace? Do you read in bed? Do you prefer for the room to be very bright or would you prefer to snuggle up in a dim atmosphere? Lighting is more about personal preference so always think about yourself or the room’s owner as opposed to completely following trends in magazines or online.


Written by Emma Jane Palin, October Communications


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