10 Steps to Finding the Perfect Bedroom Lighting

The purpose of bedrooms has transformed from simple resting places to a multifunctional space in the modern house. We no longer see our bedroom as just a place to rest after a hectic day at work, we see it as another office space and more. Therefore, choosing a one-size-fits-all bedroom lighting solution is, to say the least, unacceptable. Anglepoise has a huge collection of bedroom lighting and lamp solutions to help you achieve the perfect bedroom lighting so we’ve put together 10 easy steps to help you achieve the perfect bedroom lighting with a few of our own product ideas thrown in for inspiration.

Know the size of your bedroom

Firstly, it is imperative you know your bedroom size before deciding on the type of bedroom lighting to illuminate your room. Pendants and floor lamps should be proportionate to the size of your bedroom. The last thing you need is a spasmodic distribution of the illumination in your bedroom.

Get good task lighting

Anglepoise Type 75 Mini Wall Light

If like most you plan to have a workstation in your bedroom, then you will need a task bedroom light. Traditional table lamps have been tried and tested and continue to prove useful for bedtime reading. Floor lamps near a mirror can also be useful for makeup or blow drying hair. Get to know all of our ranges and figure out what functionality you need to focus on. At the end of the day it’s entirely down to how you live and work.

Ceiling lighting is important

Anglepoise Original 1227 Brass Maxi Pendant

Albeit traditional, ceiling lighting plays a vital role in providing the perfect lighting for everyday tasks such as cleaning, dressing, finding lost jewelry under your bed or cupboard, putting away laundry and more. Think about how you want this kind of lighting to work in your bedroom. Is it the centerpiece Brass Maxi Pendant you want to focus on or would you rather go smaller so that you can accentuate other lighting in the room?

Put switches in correct places

A switch by your bedroom door as you walk in and another by your bedside to turn off bedroom lighting are traditionally ideal places to install your bedroom light switches. It’s a common annoyance for most couples of ‘it’s your turn to switch the light off’ so avoid the hassle and think about how you can make this a feature in your bedroom.

Invest in reading lamps

If you are a book junkie, then you cannot do without your reading lamp. Nevertheless, you must go for one that does not strain your vision but offers a relaxing glow. Our Paul Smith Edition Three lamp is a stunning interpretation of the classic Type 75™ desk lamp and adds vibrancy and a statement feel to any bedside table while also protecting your eyesight from straining.

Install a dimmer and use soft accent lighting

With a dimmer, you can easily transform your bedroom lighting from one mood to another. It helps to showcase your bedroom in an entirely new light. Dimmers serve the purpose of accentuating the mood of your bedroom and can take you from getting ready on a darker morning to setting the scene for a romantic night in. However, it’s not always as ambient as one might like. As much as we always want our own products used, you also need soft accent lighting to set a romantic and relaxing atmosphere. An alternative option from traditional lighting is candles and fairy lights, the perfect coupling to a dimmed floor light.

Consider color with your bedroom lighting

The color of the lighting you pick should match the overall style and design of your bedroom. In a lightbulb scenario, too much brightness might elevate the grandeur of the room while fuzzy and warm lights will attract a sense of calmness and serenity. With so many color options available on all of our lighting models, it’s easy to find a combination that matches your room and personality.

Don’t forget natural lighting

Anglepoise Type 75 Desk Lamp

During the day you may want to tie back your curtains to allow natural light into your bedroom. It is important to select curtains that can easily be tied back during the day to allow natural light. Using blinds or a simple net curtain to diffuse light while maintaining your bedroom privacy is another recommended option.

Ensure you can switch off

It is believed that the darker the bedroom, the better you sleep. Thus, it is important to block out light sources to give your room a complete sense of darkness at bedtime. Avoid fumbling in the dark by installing light switches beside your bedside as we recommended earlier and consider installing blackout blinds to help maintain the darkness in your bedroom.

Choose the perfect bulbs

In your quest of the perfect bedroom lighting, there are many types of bulbs at your disposal to pick from. Nowadays bulbs come in different shapes, sizes and intensities. However, for the perfect bedroom lighting, you must pick one that will compliment the look and feel of your bedroom. Just make sure it’s compatible with the style of your Anglepoise light fitting by checking the technical specifications.


Written by Emma Jane Palin, October Communications


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