5 Explanations On Why Lighting Is Important

Lighting is one of the most important features in your home. You should spend time and money on getting it right if you want your home to look and feel as great as it can. It’s one of the places where people tend to go cheap or deal with existing fixtures, yet, actually poor lighting can be detrimental to the other area where you have spent money. Here are five top reasons why lighting is so important.

Good Lighting Create the Illusion of More Space

One of the good things about putting good lighting fixtures in place is that it create the illusion of more space in your home. Rooms that are dark often seem more cramped, so that’s something to keep in mind. Placing small lights and lamps in the corners of the room is a good idea because it lights up the very edge of the room, emphasising the space that’s on offer. This is a good trick that can be used in pretty much any room or setting, so make the most of it and add some visual square feet onto your property now.

It Makes All the Difference During Winter

Anglepoise Type 75 Mini Wall Lights

If your home seems quite light and bright without much artificial lighting in the summer, you might be tempted to leave things as they are. You’ll realise that you’re mistaken when winter arrives and any natural light has ceased. The days will be shorter and the days less bright, meaning you will no longer be able to rely on natural lighting in your home. Instead, you will need to use artificial lighting cleverly and strategically to ensure that you are bringing light into your home all year round. As an example, Anglepoise wall lights will add an extra dimension to your room when it’s lacking in light. Simply rotate the flexible shade to focus a concentrated beam of light just where it’s needed, or tilt it away to disperse an ambient glow.

Light Accentuates Color

Many people have homes that are filled with color. These colors are vibrant and bright, but they will certainly go to waste if you don’t provide the light that they need. Color only pops out and catches the eye when there is enough light in the room shining down on them and a dull light can make colors look distorted and dull too. If you want to make your colors stand out and look great, you will need to fix up your home lighting arrangements.

Dark Rooms Are Never Good to Spend Time In

Spending times in dark rooms is never a good thing. You need to make sure that your home is a pleasant and inviting place. It can have a real effect on your mood and how you live your life. For a brighter and more positive mood, you should make your home brighter and more positive too. That starts with lighting, so make sure you get this issue sorted out before you think about anything else.

It’s all about style

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Finally, it’s important to remember that the lighting fixtures that you have in your home are not just about providing light. Of course, that’s their primary function, but it’s also about making your home look good in terms of its decoration. Attractive lighting fixtures can add something new to your room.

Good design is vital and has the capability of impressing others, especially if you know a little about its history and the brands narrative. From our now iconic Original 1227™ lamp by George Carwardine to the development of extended collections by esteemed industrial product designer, Sir Kenneth Grange, to our most recent collaborations with Margaret Howell and Paul Smith, you can absolutely ensure that all of our products feature timeless qualities with considered aesthetics. They’re certainly something you’ll want in your home forever.


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