Five Ingenious Ways You Can Use Lighting

We think it’s fair to say that home lighting can be so much more than just a way to make your home, well, brighter. Using lighting, you can change the look and the feel of a space. You can even change the atmosphere or the mood that you experience as you walk into the room. We design our lighting with interior style in mind, it’s not an after-thought, yet you can still guarantee that you’re introducing something practical and made to last into your home. With that in mind, here are five clever ways to use lighting and improve your home dramatically.

Create A Contemporary Feel

Anglepoise Original 12227 Pendants

Is there an area of your home that feels outdated or old fashioned? The right lighting can quickly change that. For instance, you can set up new lighting in your kitchen really quite easily. By installing pendant lighting above an island or breakfast bar you can quickly update a tired looking kitchen space. Pendant lights create sociable areas and add an area of interest, distracting from the flaws you don’t want people seeing and providing an instant contemporary update. Another quick revise comprises of choosing the correct colorways for your space. Choosing lighting with brass accents and positioning these lights onto other brass accented features can add sparkle to the kitchen and accentuate certain features that you are proud of.

Setting the Mood

Anglepoise Original 1227 Brass Wall Light

The mood of a room can be dictated by the type of lamp you choose to use in the room. Table lamps, oversized lamps, ceiling and pendant lamps, wall lights, task lamps – there are so many options to consider and all provide various functions to a room, going from a bright and light daytime look to a more relaxed evening setting.

One of the simplest ways to set the mood in a room aside from the actual light model would be by installing dimmer switches. Simple, yet very effective because you’ll have complete control over how much light a room receives. It can help you create an ambience for different social settings and of course for entertaining purposes. Another possibility would be to use softer bulbs or colored ones to change the look of the room. For instance, you can give the room a pale, beautiful blue glow by choosing a bulb with a higher lumen output. There is no reason why you could not have a mixture of lightbulbs in the same setting such as warm white for the main room lighting and cool white for task lighting over work areas.

Bigger On the Inside

Anglepoise Original 1227 Mini Table Lamp

You can use lighting to make a room look a lot bigger. This all depends on where you place the lights and what features you choose to draw attention to. For instance, lamps cast shadows and this makes a room look smaller. Instead, you want to add some more overhead lights to evenly spread the light source around the room. This will make the room look far more open and expansive. It’s a trick that homeowners always use when they try and sell their property but ideally should be put into place well before then!

Go Outdoors

Anglepoise Original 1227 Giant Outdoor Floor Lamp

Interior style shouldn’t be left indoors. There are plenty of opportunities to bring your creativity to an outside space too. Transform your garden terrace into a striking al fresco room with some stylish outdoor lights from Anglepoise. While still being highly functional, these Original 1227 Giant Outdoor lamps create stunning, illuminated sculptures that will add drama and style to your garden vista whether viewed from inside or out. Your garden will never be an after-thought again and you’ll always be party ready! Channel The Future You can use new lighting features to make your home futuristic and adaptable to your own needs. Using these tools, you can make your home more interactive and a better place to live, purely by giving you more control over your lighting. Why not consider smart technology in your home by looking at lighting control systems? By doing this, you can set a room up with the personal preferences for your lighting. So, when you walk into a room, the lights will immediately lower to the level that you want them. How cool is that?


Written by Emma Jane Palin, October Communications


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