Universities may boast state of the art gyms and air conditioned, wi-fi connected lecture theatres, but halls of residence - for all their en-suite facilities – remain largely untouched by interior design. Personalising these bare, cell-like bedrooms isn’t easy – space is tight and any interference with the physical structure of the room is strictly forbidden – but it is possible. My son is off any moment, so I have been busy compiling a shopping list of make-over essentials. It’s so good I thought I’d share it with you: 


1. Posters

A student classic but still the best way to cover breeze block walls. Surface View’s collection of Epic Posters come with bull dog clips and struts for easy hanging and designs range from vintage photographs to comic strips and prints from museum collections, so there’s bound to be something to suit. My personal favourite is Snowmass Gathering by Slim Aarons but my son is unconvinced.

2. Cushions
Quite the best way to transform a bed into a sofa. I love British designer Nikki McWilliams’ biscuit-inspired collection which is witty, well-made and full of traditional favourites. Bourbon anyone?  

3. Lights

Unappealing strip lights seem to come as standard, so a lamp is essential. With their flexible shades, Anglepoise® lamps are designed to provide both task and ambient light and anything from the range is guaranteed to inject some much needed contemporary chic. Top of my list is the new Anglepoise® + Paul Smith - Edition Two lamp (or Edition One), closely followed by the Type 75 Mini. If there was room on my son's floor, I'd also snap up a Type 75 Floor Lamp.


Words: Charlotte Abrahams, writer, curator and co-editor of the Selected Journal.


Cover - Veronica Ditting's desk by Kasia Bobula for Whistles
1. Surface View 
2. Nikki McWilliams
3. Anglepoise® + Paul Smith 


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